DVIDS – News – Restoring Traditions at the TEAD-N Fire Department

TOOELE ARMY DEPOT, Utah – On April 07, the Tooele Army Depot (TEAD) – North Fire Department held a pinning ceremony for Captain Arnoldo Velasco, newly promoted to Captain of the fire department to assistant fire chief. This type of ceremony was an event absent from the typical routine of the department due to political restrictions and more recently COVID-19. For thirteen years, Arnoldo Velasco was part of the TEAD-N Fire Department and his advancement in responsibility indicates not only his expertise and skill, but the confidence of his fellow team members.

Similar to the United States military, which maintains a rich tradition of ceremonies to commemorate significant events, fire departments have their own culture of heroism to observe and celebrate with fellow firefighters. Typically, a pinning ceremony is dedicated not only to a rank advancement, but also to a new device operator or welcoming newly created firefighters to the team. One of the symbols of this tradition is the firefighter’s badge itself.

“Let’s not forget,” said Fire Chief Steve Griffith, “The firefighter badge represents authority, but more importantly, protection. It is a symbol of our commitment to defending the public.

During the ceremony, Chief Griffith further explained that the firefighter badge is an icon steeped in history and a unique representation, not only honoring the first responders of the past, but preserving their rich heritage. The shape of the Maltese Cross pays homage to their beginnings as part of the Order of St. John, the Knights Hospitaller who fought to defend the island of Malta. The “Scramble” or seal in the center of the badge features various tools of the firefighting trade, an axe, ladder, pipe post and bugle representing leadership and communication. Finally the color red is not only the figurative color of the flame but for visibility purposes, to stand out and attract attention.

“I am grateful,” said Arnoldo Velasco, “to have earned the trust of my peers and superiors, to have been given this higher level of responsibility and to continue to maintain the public trust. It fills my heart of pride and gratitude for my son and daughter to participate in this ceremony.

Arnoldo’s son Andreas Velasco and daughter Catherine Velasco closed the ceremony by pinning two bugles, a symbol of communication, seniority and leadership, to Velasco’s collar.

About TOOELE ARMY DEPOT: Tooele Army Depot was established in 1942 as Tooele Ordnance Depot, and for 79 years has been committed to being ready and quickly responding to ordnance for Allies and warfighters alike. America. Tooele Army Depot provides storage, maintenance and logistics capabilities under the Joint Army Munitions Command (JMC). The Depot specializes in providing design, development, manufacturing and commissioning services for prototype ammunition equipment. The depot also develops innovative Special Ammunition Equipment (APE) used for demilitarization, as well as refurbishment, modification, modernization and maintenance of conventional type ammunition.

Date taken: 04.11.2022
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