Dublin firefighters issue urgent warning after car explodes in city center

DUBLIN firefighters have issued an urgent warning to pedestrians after putting out a burning car yesterday.

The blaze started on James Street last night with fire services warning the public that burning cars are extremely dangerous and unpredictable, although the blaze is apparently under control.


Video posted to Twitter shows a car fire on James Street that appears to be under control1 credit
Dublin firefighters have warned the public to 'stay away' from burning cars, even though they appear to be under control


Dublin firefighters have warned the public to ‘stay away’ from burning cars, even though they appear to be under control1 credit

Footage of the incident posted on Twitter shows a burnt-out car bursting into flames as firefighters continue to battle the blaze.

Taking to their Twitter account, the Dublin Fire Department said: ‘Cars don’t explode Hollywood style, but tires burst and struts attached to the boot or bonnet can fly off at considerable speed.’

They continued to urge their followers to “stay away”. It is not known what caused the car fire.

The Dublin Fire Brigade regularly posts warnings and advice on their Twitter account.

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They recently issued an urgent alert for household appliances and twice warned that they should never be used.

They said: “Appliances such as washing machines, dryers and dishwashers should not be used when:

  • you sleep
  • When you’re away from home”

The Dublin Fire Service advised homeowners to ‘place a smoke alarm in the same room’ to make ‘things much safer’.

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Hundreds of fires are caused each year by faulty household appliances, according to figures from the Ministry of the Environment.

In 2020, 192 fires were started by electrical equipment in Ireland as well as 180 caused by other equipment.

Cooking and heating causes 246 fires in Ireland in 2020.

Dublin Fire Brigade has designed a home fire safety checklist to help homeowners ensure their home is as safe as possible when it comes to fire prevention.

They invite people to walk around the house with a view, checking off the following list:

  • All unnecessary electrical appliances are unplugged
  • All unnecessary gas appliances are turned off
  • All candles and open flames are extinguished
  • There is a spark arrester in front of any open fire
  • All ashtrays have been emptied
  • All escape routes are completely free of obstructions
  • All doors are closed to reduce the spread of fire and smoke
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They also advise that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms be tested weekly to ensure they are working.

The Dublin City Fire Service has set up a hashtag on Twitter called #testittuesday which reminds its followers to test their carbon monoxide and fire alarms weekly.

After a sudden re-ignition, firefighters battle the blaze again


After a sudden re-ignition, firefighters battle the blaze again1 credit