Dublin Fire Chief issues stern safety warning over ‘unpredictable’ Halloween fireworks


A senior fire officer has warned of the dangers of “unpredictable” fireworks and toxic bonfires this Halloween.

Dublin Deputy Fire Chief John Guilfoyle has urged people to enjoy the celebrations responsibly as emergency services are stretched to the breaking point.

And he warned that fireworks are extremely dangerous and can explode at any time.

“Fireworks are illegal, they are dangerous and they can really hurt. “These are not toys, so don’t buy them, use them, or give them to others,” Mr. Guilfoyle said.

“They are illegal, so they may not conform to particular manufacturing standards, so they can be very unpredictable and can explode sooner or later, which may surprise people. ”

Illegal fireworks

Mr Guilfoyle also warned of the dangers of poisonous smoke and debris from bonfires.

Speaking on The Anton Savage Show on Newstalk, he said, “Stay away from bonfires.

“You don’t know the contents and the smoke can be very toxic.

“There is a risk that sparks and debris will fly from the bonfire, which can cause burns and ignite clothing and costumes.

“You must keep in mind that some costumes are considered toys so that they do not have to respond to [required safety] normal clothing standards.

The DFB deputy boss also warned parents to make sure all costumes carry the “CE mark”, which means they meet safety standards.

Fire crews across the country are gearing up for their busiest night of the year tomorrow – and Mr Guilfoyle urged people not to engage in anti-social behavior.

He said: “We really have enough going on during an incident to safely resolve it and restore normalcy without the added pressure of dealing with things like this.

“Peak demand during Halloween tends to be concentrated from 6pm to around 2am.

“There is a constant demand from the ambulance side and, in addition, we obviously have a demand for fires and normal emergencies such as traffic accidents and house fires.

“We want the audience to have fun and enjoy the evening.

“It’s a big event and I hope it will be a safe event.”