Davenport Fire Department Offers Free Smoke Detectors, Emphasizes Fire Safety

Fire Lt. Marshal Zach Soliz is the public education officer for the Davenport Fire Department. He says it’s crucial to understand the difference between a beep and a beep coming from your smoke detector.

“So if you hear a beep – it usually happens once per minute, once every thirty – and it will alert you that the battery needs to be replaced in your smoke detector.” Now if you hear one beep – and it’s usually three long beeps – it’s a real fire alarm. This means that there is smoke in the area. You must exercise your fire escape plan and get out of the house. “

Soliz says if you hear a beep you should treat the situation like a real fire; exit the building and call 911.

Above all, speed is the most important factor in fire safety: the Davenport Fire Department has an average response time of 3 minutes, but early notification makes the difference between putting out a small fire and coping with it. to an emergency rescue mission.

Last year, the Davenport Fire Department received 17,000 calls for service, or about 45 calls per day.

“We stay busy. It’s not just fires, it’s medical calls, it’s car accidents, investigations, HAZMAT situations … It’s not just about fighting fires anymore. . “

Other important fire safety tools include knowing the multiple possible exits and closing doors between rooms to prevent fire and smoke from spreading.

If a home does not already have a smoke detector, the Davenport Fire Department offers to supply and install a detector free of charge.

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