City of Los Angeles (CA) Fire Department to Take Delivery of North America’s First All-Electric Fire Truck

Rosenbauer’s first fully electric RTX fire truck for the North American market will soon be delivered to the City of Los Angeles Fire Department.

The RTX embodies the technological know-how that has been honed over ten years of development work by the Rosenbauer Group. The result is more than an “electrified fire truck”. This is the blueprint for the fire vehicle of the future: a functional and robust vehicle, with a very ergonomic vehicle architecture, an unprecedented level of safety for the crew, and an innovative operating concept with complete connectivity. The RTX combines everything firefighters demand from a vehicle into one productive device.

Unparalleled driving maneuverability

What sets the RTX apart is its stable handling and high driving safety. It has a low floor height with a central tubular frame in which one of the two high voltage batteries is installed. This results in a much lower center of gravity compared to traditional firefighting vehicles. Single wheel suspension and switchable rear axle steering provide excellent handling, and the RTX can even run in crab mode. The air-suspended chassis allows adjustment of the ride-to-ground height (on-road and off-road riding, paddling mode, operation site mode), and due to the compact dimensions (L x W = approximately 28.5′ x 92 .5”), the vehicle can easily pass through narrow lanes and heavy traffic. Modern assistance systems such as ADM (Automatic Drivetrain Management) and EBS (Electronic Braking System) support the driver.

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Electric drive system

The advanced driving dynamics of the RTX are the result of the design of the electric transmission: two electric motors with an output of 2 x 180 kW (peak) or 2 x 130 kW (continuous) drive all four wheels (permanent four-wheel drive) . They are powered by two high-voltage batteries with an electrical storage capacity of 132 kWh, which also power the operation of the pump and other truck functions at the scene of the fire.

Additionally, the RTX has a standard range extender (clean diesel engine with generator) rated at 225 kW. This is installed in the truck body to save space. The RTX effectively becomes an integrated powerhouse that automatically recharges high-voltage batteries when they reach approximately 20% power remaining. Truck batteries are designed in such a way that they never run out completely and meet NFPA standards.

Improved health and safety

The integrated design of the RTX cabin provides a high level of passive safety during fire calls. Thanks to the air-suspended chassis, the vehicle can be lowered at the scene of the fire (about 7 inches step height) as long as the crew cab is safely accessible without barriers and the equipment stored in the vehicle can be accessed while firmly standing on the ground. Shadow-free LED scene lighting and underfloor lighting increase safety around the vehicle.

In addition, the RTX reduces the exposure of emergency teams to pollutants. When responding to an emergency, they move virtually emission-free and experience less noise on the fire ground than ever before. This is due to the fact that most of the technical and common firefighting operations can be carried out using electricity alone.

Improved command center ergonomics

In the RTX, the driver’s cabin and the crew cabin merge to form a modern command center where operational briefings can take place in a calm atmosphere, sheltered from wind, weather and other obstacles. For this purpose, the driver and the front passenger turn their seats inwards and directly face the cabin of the crew members, who are seated on the sides of the vehicle facing each other and on the rear wall of the cabin facing each other. in the front.

All vehicle functions, from lighting to firefighting equipment, can be controlled via a 15-inch screen, located in the center of the control panel. In addition, the vehicle has its own Wi-Fi network, which can be used to wirelessly control robots, drones and other electrical equipment.

John Slawson, CEO of Rosenbauer America

“The Rosenbauer RTX is the fire truck of the future, built from the ground up using the most advanced materials and technologies. The RTX is the safest fire truck on the roads today – for firefighters, for communities and for the environment.We are very excited to be developing the RTX in partnership with the City of Los Angeles Fire Department, and the truck will soon demonstrate its capabilities in daily fire and rescue operations.

Richard Fields, Deputy Chief of the City of Los Angeles Fire Department

“We were at the Rosenbauer headquarters in Austria at the beginning of February for the acceptance test of our vehicle. We had the opportunity to get to know the truck better, drive it and test all its features. We were particularly impressed with the ride characteristics and ride comfort of the RTX, but what’s more, the concept of operation and control is absolutely state-of-the-art. It is a vehicle that we are sure to appreciate, which has everything we need for our routine operations and with which we contribute to climate protection in addition.