Chattanooga Fire Department is Hiring

The Chattanooga Fire Department is looking for future firefighters who will help strengthen the service and continue a legacy of service and dedication. He is currently accepting applications from fire cadets for our next Fire Academy which is scheduled to start in January 2023. The 2022 Fire Academy is currently underway.

With a 150 year history in Chattanooga, CFD leads the way with superior response, training and reputation. We have 26 companies in 20 stations across the city, a fire prevention office that conducts year-round inspections, a modern training center and a repair shop. In total, more than 400 dedicated men and women provide firefighting, emergency medical care and 24x7x365 all-hazards response for an area of ​​143 square miles and nearly 185,000 citizens.

“We are laying the foundation for the next 150 years of our service and this next generation of firefighters will play a vital role in preserving our past and pushing CFD into the future. We want career firefighters who want to make a difference in their community,” said Fire Chief Phil Hyman.

Candidates will be responsible for attending a six-month fire training academy. Duties include attending classes, taking exams and integrating classroom training into hands-on exercises. No previous experience or knowledge is required. Training staff will educate cadets on all aspects of fire service. They will undergo training as emergency medical technicians and learn how to fight different types of fires. They will also master other skills such as hazmat operations, vehicle extrication, rope rescues, tactical ventilation, self-rescue, and how to save the lives of fellow firefighters in dangerous situations.

For more information on the hiring process, feel free to email [email protected] Here is the link for fire cadets: