Chattanooga Fire Department is asking for the public’s help in stopping vehicle burglaries

They’ve had a spate of burglaries in personal vehicles while firefighters are out of the station

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga firefighters are experiencing a wave of vehicle break-ins as they battle blazes.

The burglaries occurred at Fire Station 1 (Downtown on Main Street), Station 9 (East Lake), Station 5 (Highland Park), Station 19 (Hixson), Station 4 (off Dodson Avenue), to Station 6 (Bonny Oaks), Station 7 (Discovery Drive on Hickory Valley Road), Station 13 (Brainerd).

They usually occur when firefighters leave the station on calls.

They therefore ask the inhabitants of the neighborhoods around the stations to watch while the firefighters are gone.

The most recent case occurred during the Highland Park house fire this week.

After firefighters left the station, the windows of their private vehicles were smashed and personal items were stolen.

“It was an added burden on an already stressful shift.”

“If you see anything at your neighborhood fire station, please call 911 to report suspicious activity. If you have information about these cases, call the CPD at 423-698-2525. You can also submit an anonymous tip on the CPD mobile app.