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Thiruvananthapuram: The fire department will provide firefighting first aid training to traders in Chalai market to contain fires from the early stages and thereby reduce damage.
The decision in this regard was taken during a meeting of traders and officers of the Thiruvananthapuram Fire Station to discuss measures to improve the security of the Chalai Market, which is very prone to frequent fires.
The meeting was hosted by Thiruvananthapuram Fire Station officers Sajith ST and Nithin Raj, under the leadership of Fire Director B Sandhya. Agents said the plan is to form community rescue volunteer groups among traders and provide them with first aid training in firefighting.
Nithin Raj, an officer at the Thiruvananthapuram Fire Station, said firefighters have already divided Chalai Market, which consists of several streets, into seven zones.
The plan is to form a group of community rescue volunteers in each area with each group consisting of at least 20 members. First aid firefighting involves extinguishing a fire in its early stages using all available means.
The training involves a basic knowledge of the different categories of fires according to their causes and the use of appropriate methods accordingly to extinguish the flames.
At Saturday’s meeting, topics such as what to do to prevent potential fires, changes to buildings, scientific parking methods to facilitate the movement of firefighting vehicles and setting up The place of standpipes at strategic locations in the market was also discussed.
Traders who attended the meeting stressed the need to implement the government’s decision to install a fire station in Chalai without further delay.

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