Firefighters were called to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Wednesday morning, but no injuries were reported as 300 people were evacuated. London firefighters said in a statement that the scene was quickly brought under control once people were evacuated from the nine-story building. There were no reports of injuries sustained duringRead More →

Cleveland firefighters will visit businesses and apartments in Hartlepool for safety reasons. Cleveland firefighters will lead a month-long campaign for safer businesses starting next week after figures show 86% of businesses that have a fire never recover. The move is part of the National Fire Brigade’s annual Business Safety Week,Read More →

The scorched lands in West Attica exceeded 94,000 acres, according to the latest measurement, which with luck and everyone’s wish will be the last. Concretely, as shown by the satellite based on the European Copernicus system, which was activated almost at the start of the fire by the Civil Protection,Read More →