Carrot River is looking to add local heroes to its squad

Ideal candidates will be able to think quickly, assess a situation appropriately, and be prepared for anything.

“We provide water rescue, ice rescue, confined space rescue, high angle rope rescue, low angle rope rescue as well as vehicle extrication.”

Those who pass the candidacy stage enter a training that includes two stages at the beginning.

“There is on-the-job training. We have training twice a month where they will learn the ins and outs before jumping right into it.

Lytle said that before going to a fire, candidates will undergo basic training. Additionally, the department undergoes training to meet National Fire Prevention Association 1001.

“It’s one thing when we review new candidates that they understand that we are looking for additional training beyond your general knowledge, we offer the opportunity to become a fully certified firefighter to an international standard.”

The team is looking for members who are committed to helping their community.

“We have gained a lot of experience and are excited to welcome new members and help someone else continue their journey into the world of emergency services.

For more information or to apply, you can message the Carrot River Fire and Rescue Facebook page or call 1-306-768-3331.

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