Brooklyn 4-Alarm Blaze fire crew treated for burns – NBC New York

A massive fire that hit a Brooklyn apartment building and briefly trapped at least one firefighter is now under control, the FDNY announced late Friday morning.

The early morning Brooklyn Heights fire, which started around 6 a.m. and reached a 4-alarm state, forced multiple evacuations as flames swept through the Montague Street building and sent thick smoke billowing through the sky.

Seven firefighters suffered non-life threatening burns as they struggled to put out the blaze. At least one of those operatives was briefly trapped, COO John Hodgens said.

The location of the fire was not clear when the first crews arrived at the scene, Hodgens said, but the first quickly spread to the second, third, fourth and fifth floors of the brownstone.

“My kids screamed because the internet and the cable went out… then I looked out the window and we saw at least 20 fire trucks. Then I saw smoke and flames start to appear on a Montague Street apartment building, ”Jeremy Feinstein, who lives nearby, mentioned.

One person was displaced by the fire and is being assisted by the Red Cross, but no civilians were injured.

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Firefighters put water on a building in Brooklyn, triggering a response to 4 alarms.

Hodgens said two of the neighboring buildings were evacuated as a precaution but neither suffered any fire damage.

The firefighters were still putting in the water the first at around 12 o’clock. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.