Belton Fire Department donates part of its history to Bell County Museum

BELTON, Texas – A piece of firefighter history makes its way to the Bell County Museum.

The Belton Fire Department chose to donate their historic hose reel for display at the museum.

“It has been preserved by the fire department for many years and we know how important it is, but we want the rest of the county to benefit from the guest card as well,” Chief Jon Fontenot said. . “So, we gave it to the museum.”

The cart was originally used for firefighting and racing hose carts between competing departments to see who could get them up and ready for use the fastest.

Now, this tradition will live on at the museum.

“Our museum staff are trained in the preservation and conservation of historic artifacts, said Coleman Hampton, executive director of the Bell County Museum. “So if it’s not on display, it’s being kept safe and preserved and it will have a chance of being on display once everything is sorted out.”

The fire department is steeped in historical traditions, and this is one way the Belton Fire Department shows it.

“We wanted to pass on the tradition, pass on this history to the rest of the county,” said Chief Fontenot. “So it means a lot to us to be able to share that with our community.”

The hose reel will be in storage while the Bell County Museum continues to build a firefighter-themed collection that will eventually be on traveling or permanent display.