Axle Box Innovations Uses Essentium AM Platform for 3D Printed Firefighting Drones to Help First Responders Get to the Heart of Wildfires

– Essentium HSE 3D printer and robust material options provide exceptional thermal and mechanical properties

– Lightweight drones withstand extreme heat and harsh environments to capture real-time footage for wildfire management

AUSTIN, TX, June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Essentialium, Inc.a leading innovator of industrial additive manufacturing (AM) solutions, today announced that Axle Box Innovations, a developer of public safety technologies, is using Essentium AM technology to support the development of fabricated 3D printed drones in the United States for fire management and protection.

Axle Box engineers rely on the Essentium High Speed ​​Extrusion (HSE™) 3D printing platform and high-performance, inherently heat-resistant materials to accelerate the development of lightweight and robust drone bodies . Drones can survive the extreme heat profile of wildfires to support the efforts of emergency response teams.

Most off-the-shelf commercial drones cannot be deployed in wildfires, and developing bespoke firefighting drones is complex, time-consuming and expensive. Axle Box uses the latest 3D printing technology to solve strength, speed and cost issues.

Axle Box produces the mid body of the drone using Essentium’s HTN-CF25 high temperature nylon with a 25% carbon fiber reinforced core. Compared to PA 603-CF, it has the highest heat deflection temperatures, as well as tensile and flexural strength. Axle Box also uses Essentium PA-CF to produce side covers designed to fail before mid-body without sacrificing thermal stability. The drone platform exceeded expectations for high-speed impact and overall functionality during demonstration flight testing.

The flexibility of the Essentium HSE 3D printer allows Axle Box engineers to design with complete freedom and speed up the development process. New parts are designed in a CAD program, printed and deployed within hours.

Said Blake TeipelPh.D., CEO of Essentium: “As first responders prepare for fire season, firefighters need agile remote-controlled drones to provide visual surveillance of wildfires in virtually any type of environment – from urban areas to rural deserts. We are delighted Axle Box Innovations has chosen our 3D printing platform to enable the development of structurally robust drones capable of withstanding these extremely harsh conditions.”

Said madison jonesDirector of Additive Manufacturing, Axle-Box: “The speed, scale and economy of the HSE 3D printer combined with Essentium’s line of advanced 3D printing filaments is a game-changer for design and development drone rigs. HSE has transformed our fabrication shop, and we typically go from design to production in less than four weeks. If we need a new part, we can have one printed and the launch into the air in hours. Our first responders will greatly benefit from this innovation agility.”

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