Aransas Pass Community Emergency Response Team aims to help

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The city of Aransas Pass is forming a team called Community Emergency Response.

It is made up of community volunteers who aim to help more people before, during and after disasters.

“Things always work better when a community comes together to help each other, and that’s something we learned after Harvey,” said response team member Mary Gunn. “That so many people came to help each other.”

As a member of the Aransas Pass Community Emergency Response Team, Gunn dedicates his time to helping his neighbor. Program coordinator and instructor Coury Elorod tells KRIS 6 News that after Hurricane Harvey, the city decided it had to take action.

“The class will play a supporting role for the responders and help them,” he said. “Going out into the community to conduct live search and rescue.”

There are eight members of this newly launched program. They spend two days a week learning from five local first responders what to do in an emergency. Elrod says anyone can learn this material.

“You don’t have to be a nurse, you don’t have to be a doctor, you don’t have to be a policeman or a firefighter,” Elrod said. “It’s for your ordinary citizen.”

After completing most of the course, team members are ready to put their skills to the test.

“Some of the things they’re going to demonstrate are minor first aid, CPR, how to use a tourniquet,” Elrod said. “You can have a bleeding patient. They’re going to demonstrate fire suppression.

The skills test, which takes place on Saturday, is the last step before being certified to help in the event of a disaster.

The first graduate emergency response team will be ready to respond to all types of situations, from traffic control to a hurricane.

Ruben Zuniga, a member of the response team, said he was confident in the skills he acquired.

“That my home and my immediate community are safe,” he said. “That way I can go out and help the rest of the community.”

To register for the next free session, email [email protected] or call (361) 758-5224. You will be asked to register and complete an application.