Ankara firefighters, reinforced with new personnel, prepare for the field

Ankara firefighters, reinforced with new personnel, prepare for the field

150 new firefighters, who were appointed on merit and took up their duties, have now started receiving Basic Firefighting training after Basic Occupational Health and Safety training. The theoretical and practical training will continue until May.

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department is increasing the number of its personnel on a daily basis in order to respond more quickly and efficiently to fires that may occur in the capital.

150 new firefighters, who were appointed on merit, have now started to follow the “Basic Firefighting” training after the “Basic Occupational Health and Safety” training.


Until May, to the new firefighters who are preparing for the field at the central campus of the Ankara Fire Department;

  • Presentation of the vehicle and on-board equipment,
  • Motor pump, submersible pump, flooding and flood intervention,
  • Wear personal protective equipment and breathe fresh air,
  • Use of thermal camera and gas measuring devices,
  • Fire response, fire extinguishing techniques, fire extinguishing methods, fire extinguishing agents,
  • reference organization, teamwork, communication,
  • Household Hazards,
  • Detecting the location of fire, rescuing victims and rescue skills in closed, dark and narrow areas and smoky environments in the center of the maze,
  • Rescue equipment and its use,
  • Theoretical and practical training will be provided on teamwork, organization of firefighting, firefighting vehicles and equipment.


The firefighters, who received their first aid training from expert trainers, expressed their excitement to begin work with the following words:

Angel Hira Nurabaka: “We started getting basic firefighting training. Today, we receive training on many topics such as occupational health and safety, tripods and vehicle ladders. Touching a life and helping people is very important to me and it’s a job I would love to do, that’s why I chose this job.

Enes Diri: “I applied for the merit-based exams opened by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and passed. Now I have started my work and we are receiving more detailed trainings.”

Head Emine: “I worked in the health sector. I believed that saving lives was my life philosophy. Then I chose the profession of firefighter. I passed by passing the Ankara fire service exams. Here, with our friends, we receive useful training to be better equipped.

Selim Sevindi: “We are doing a sacred job. We receive both theoretical and practical training, it brings us a lot. We are moving forward resolutely in our profession. »