Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Division

Safety is of the utmost importance to protect the public who choose to travel by commercial air transport. Also the private general aviation community that makes Clinton National Airport (CNA) home. The Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) division is responsible for responding to aircraft incidents and crashes at Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, as well as providing emergency medical assistance as first responders. In addition, ARFF staff carry out fire safety inspections of portable tank trucks and fixed fuel service installations in partnership with airport operations. All firefighters assigned to the ARFF program must adhere to federal regulations regarding certification and training.

The division is staffed with twelve (12) people, including nine (9) firefighting engineers and three (3) company officers. This staff is divided into three (3) teams and supervised by a division manager. The ARFF station has four (4) state-of-the-art emergency response vehicles assigned to personnel. There are twelve (12) additional firefighters who provide support to ARFF personnel and meet the same training rules as personnel directly assigned to the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Station (ARFF) . The division’s goal is to respond to every emergency with prompt, efficient and professional service to exceed the expectations of CNA customers. In the event of an incident or emergency plane crash, ARFF staff are ready to provide 24/7 365 services.

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