A man allegedly confessed to a theft in the fire department | New

A member of Morgan County Volunteer Station No.2 (formerly the West Morgan Volunteer Fire Hall) allegedly confessed to taking $ 330 collected from a fire hall car wash and was force-fired from volunteers.

According to Morgan County Fire and Rescue Chief Jeff Stone, the member, in an interview with investigators from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, admitted the Sept. 23 theft and agreed to reimburse the money.

Stone said he reported the incident to the Georgia Fire Fighters and Training Council, which will prevent the member from serving in any capacity on a fire team. However, Stone said, his department had refused to arrest the individual.

“His actions necessitated a consequence,” Stone said. “However, given the circumstances and the offer of restitution, we felt it was better for this firefighter and this organization to discipline him internally.”

Stone said a second firefighter from Station No.2 was suspended because “he had knowledge and did not immediately come forward.”

Following an October 7 story in the Morgan County Citizen about the theft of departmental money, a group of Good Samaritans raised $ 380 and donated it to the fire station.

The money was collected from a Station 2 car wash on September 4 and was to be used for firefighter training.