A drone first used as a firefighter’s upgrade to deal with incidents in skyscrapers

Friday’s fire in Avighna Park in Lower Parel saw Mumbai firefighters deploy drones for the first time in the city while conducting search operations after the blaze.

With a proliferation of skyscrapers in Mumbai, Mumbai firefighters are seeking cutting-edge technology and equipment, including the ability to deploy drones to fight fires.

Officials said that taking note of the city’s skyscrapers, firefighters have already procured three snorkels (ladder and platform van) that are 70 meters, 80 meters and 90 meters long, which can be up to 30 meters long. floors. Firefighters have also inducted robots to fight fires in areas where intense heat and smoke make it difficult for fighters to get inside.

“We recently received a water tower van and it will be put into service soon. Another key piece of equipment will be the ‘high-rise firefighting vehicle’, which is expected to be integrated into the fleet by next month. In line with the demands and the changing demographics of the city, we are improving our firefighters, ”RS Choudhary, deputy chief engineer (technical), Mumbai Fire Brigade told The Indian Express.

Officials said the drones can be used for assessment, search, rescue and firefighting. For skyscrapers, larger drones can be fitted with a water pipe and used to project water closer to the fire site. Also, it can help assess the situation, as the sometimes intense heat and smoke make it difficult for firefighters to see inside, they said. The other use of these drones may be to save people from drowning, they added.

“To assemble the water jet pipes, we need bigger drones. They can be used to flush water at the fire site and also check if anyone is trapped. Drones can be used instantly to provide floating tubes if a person drowns in the sea or bodies of water. We are working on plans to introduce such drones for Mumbai, ”Choudhary said.

While the water tower van can help manage fires in tall buildings on narrow roads and in sprawling chawls where access is difficult, the “special purpose vehicle” has a built-in pump that can push the water up to the 50th floor.

This will help in cases where the building’s internal firefighting system – dedicated hoses that carry water to each floor – isn’t working.

Officials express concern about skyscrapers, as many buildings now reach 300 meters while the longest snorkel they own is 90 meters.

“To fight fire in high rise buildings, the internal fire fighting system is the most important thing. It should be well maintained and in working order. If a fire breaks out beyond 30 floors, it is very difficult for the firefighters, ”said a firefighter official.

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