izmir metropolitan municipality to distribute more fire extinguisher tankers As part of the forestry mobilization initiated by the mayor of the Izmir metropolitan municipality, Tunç Soyer, 50 other fire extinguisher tankers are being purchased to ensure a rapid response to the fires. President Tunç Soyer said the first response toRead More →

Customized firefighting equipment worth 1.3 billion shillings complete with sirens, communications equipment and mobile computing technology will serve Packwach, Yumbe and Moyo districts. The West Nile Regional Police Fire and Rescue Squad received a fire truck from police headquarters to assist with emergency response to fires in the area. TheRead More →

The scorched lands in West Attica exceeded 94,000 acres, according to the latest measurement, which with luck and everyone’s wish will be the last. Concretely, as shown by the satellite based on the European Copernicus system, which was activated almost at the start of the fire by the Civil Protection,Read More →