They’re heard most often before being seen: hundreds, if not thousands, of goats munching on a hill in East Bay, splitting twigs and dry grass while letting out the occasional bleating. As well as being a favorite spot for hikers, the various herds of goats that line the hills ofRead More →

Panaji: Chief Minister Pramod Sawant pointed out the firefighting vehicle (Water Bouser) which is one of three firefighting vehicles during a ceremony held at the premises of the Directorate of Public Services fire and emergency in St Inez today. The government has approved the addition to the Goa Fire andRead More →

In the dry heat of the high desert, the California and Nevada Air National Guard, U.S. Forest Service, CAL FIRE, and several other firefighting agencies across the United States conduct their annual certification training for the Air Mission of firefighting with MAFFS (Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System), May 4-7, 2021.Read More →

A 2018 government decision to purchase two Canadair fixed-wing firefighting amphibious water bombers after the catastrophic 2016 blaze in the Solea region on the Mediterranean island failed to materialize. never materialized. That’s what Philenews reported on Monday, as a massive forest fire in Cyprus over the weekend killed four people,Read More →

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has launched the NFPA 1700, Guide for Structural Fire Fighting online training for firefighters, free of charge, to learn safer and more efficient ways to deal with fires involving modern materials and content. The all-new instructional course, focused on NFPA 1700, Guide to structuralRead More →