Just after Sunrise Hospital, located on the third floor of Dreams Mall in Bhandup West, received a Provisional Professional Certificate (OC) to run a Covid-19 center, an audit of the mall conducted last May by Mumbai firefighters. revealed that the mall and hospital had inoperative fire-fighting systems. Eleven Covid-19 patientsRead More →

The description Emergency Call 112 – Fire Fighting Simulation 2 is the further development of the successful Part 1, which allows every fan firefighter to experience how a professional fire department works. The second part was also developed in cooperation with the Mülheim fire brigade. The now completely newly createdRead More →

Kolkata: In recent years, firefighters have acquired modern equipment like robots, foam making tools, breathing apparatus to prevent firefighters from inhaling harmful fumes and various personal protective equipment (PPE) to fight fire precisely. But when it comes to battling a devastating fire, like that at the New Koilaghat building, firefightersRead More →