12 fire-fighting bikes with fire extinguisher and siren in town | Bombay News

MUMBAI: The first batch of 12 firefighter bikes arrived at the city’s fire department headquarters over the weekend. This is the first time the force will get firefighter bikes to act as first responders.
These bikes are equipped with a water tank, fire extinguisher, siren, wireless communication equipment and a pipe drill. The fire bikes have a tank capacity of 30 liters and can squirt water through a high-pressure pump at eight liters per minute.
In October last year, a proposal for Rs 3 crore for the purchase of fire-fighting bicycles was approved by the civic standing committee. Officials said another set of 12 bikes are expected to arrive by the end of the month, bringing the total number of bikes to 24. These will be deployed to fire stations in each civic district.
In a congested city like Mumbai, the response time to fight a fire, especially during peak traffic hours, is 20 to 25 minutes while the Union Government imposes it at around 6.5 minutes . Firefighters hope the fire bikes will, in some way, help firefighters improve the time it takes to respond to fires.
A senior fire official said they will now have more teeth to deal with fire-related calls as the 12 bikes have arrived. “The response time to fires, especially during peak hours, reaches 20-25 minutes, especially in the suburbs, while in the city it is around 15 minutes. Therefore, these bikes could reach the site first, quickly navigating through traffic, if any. It will be some time before we actually start using them in the field as essential formalities such as RTO registration and training of our firefighters would be required,” the official said, adding that the plan is to expose bikes first to fire safety. week scheduled to be observed from 14 April.