Volunteer Fire Department Vörden

Surprised were the comrades of the fire department Neuenkirchen and Vörden as Öder Demir, owner of the company Demir, which operates among other things, a carpet cleaning in Hörsten, gave both Wehren a donation of 250 euros.

The company headquarters had previously been moved from Vörden in the commercial area in Hörsten in a newly built hall . An open house was recently held here. The proceeds from the sale of food and drinks were shared between Mr. Demir and the two weirs.

For him, it goes without saying that he supported associations and organizations in the community said Mr. Demir when visiting the two fire brigade at the new headquarters. The fire brigades would like to thank you for the donation received and at the same time take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the facilities and facilities in the hall.