Volunteer Fire Department Vörden

On 17.11. was the fire department Vörden under the keyword “traffic accident trapped person” at about 23:50 clock alarmed. On the L76 from Vörden in the direction of Campemoor was occupied with a person car from previously unexplained cause strayed to the right of the road and collided with a tree, then threw the vehicle over the ditch and stayed stand on the 2m lower lying field.

The driver was badly trapped in his vehicle

and had to be freed from the fire by the help of heavy equipment from the car. The supply and the transport

the patient to the hospital Damme took over the ambulance and the crew of the MHD ambulance from Damme.


The car was recovered by a tow truck with a crane. At the vehicle a total loss in the amount of approx. 10,000 € arose

After the road was cleaned and all traces of accident were largely cleaned up, the forces could return after about 2.5 hours



In use on site were:

Fire brigade Vörden with: GW equipment trolley, TLF tank fire truck, LF extinguishing group vehicle and ELW fire service command vehicle and 18 emergency services

MHD Damme RWT ambulance and NEF emergency ambulance and 4 emergency services

Police with a patrol car


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